Sturm is a Latvian industrial music label and event series.

Sturm releases music by Latvian artists and hosts gatherings with live performances by local and foreign acts, hailing to the industrial subculture and underground electronica.

With its roots in the early 90's club nights of the semi-legal venue „Next”, Sturm emerged in 1995 with a series of now legendary parties that were a mix of throbbing atmospheres with the output of local noise acts and industrial DJs, often involving porn and shock performances for maximum impact.

Having a strong focus on the sonic outbursts of rhythmic noise and EBM of the time, these events and their uncompromising character influenced the shape of the whole Latvian scene, inspiring an array of new artists to work in the fields of industrial and related music.

Eventually, this led to the formation of the Sturm record label in 2000.